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Wireless technology

Wireless technology is something that we all get in contact with daily. The kids that grow up today will find it totally normal and I don’t think they can even imagine a life without it.

It has made a lot of things easier, like reading and learning about new stuff around the globe via the internet. People interact and create new connections and friendships all the time. So, what is wireless technology?  

Pros with wireless technology

One big benefit of wireless technology is that it is easy to use and a lot of mobile devices are prepared for it. We can walk around anywhere and still be connected to the internet.

Cons with wireless technology

The radio waves don’t reach very far by themselves. It also takes a long time to send information through the air than it does through a connected fiber cable. Radio waves are also sensitive to disturbances and the information can be listened to. Wireless devices consume more electrical energy if you compare to a device connected with a wire.

How does wireless technology work?

In short, all bits in the computer are electrical impulses. These impulses are converted to radio waves when the data is sent wireless. Khan Academy has a video on Youtube, which I think explains it quite well. See below:

Wireless technologies

There are several wireless technologies that we use today, i.e. satellite communication, GSM (Global System for Mobile communications), Wifi, and BlueTooth. How would you explain it to your kid? I would love to hear about some of your ideas, just leave a comment below!



While wireless technology has a lot of good about it, young kids are probably the most vulnerable. I would tell them about the health risk of too much exposure to these products and work out a limited time use with them. It’s important that they learn how to use the phone safely for example, and also discourage placing portables on the lap.

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