Tech experiments for kids – 4 to do at home

For a lot of people, the best way to learn things is by experimenting by themselves. This is true for both me and my kids. For me it is easier to understand something when I can feel, see, touch, hear, and smell it. It is also fun to do experiments at home with your kids. Here are my top 4 modern technology experiments for kids that you can do at home.

Create a stop-motion movie

  • Let your kids make their own stop-motion movie. You will need a camera and the one in your smartphone is excellent for this. Use any of your kids’ toys, let them make up a story, and create the movie. This will keep them occupied for a while. It is not difficult to create a stop motion animation. It can be quite time-consuming and it is very repetitive. A good way for your kids to practice patience. 😉

There are a lot of tutorials on how to create a stop-motion movie on the net which can easily be found with a search on Google. There are also a lot of stop motion apps that are free to download in the app stores. I used Mega Construx on my Android phone, which I found to be very easy to use when I and my son created the attached movie where he builds with Technic Lego. Check it out!

QR code treasure hunt

  • Create a QR code treasure hunt. This will not require any internet connection during the treasure hunt, but some preparation. You will need to have a mobile device with a QR reader app. Here is a site that can help you to create the quiz: Create your own QR code treasure hunt. Excellent if you want to prepare for a birthday party activity.

My son loves cars, so I created five questions about vehicles:

1. Which brand? The name is Latin and means I roll. *Volvo, 2. Which brand? The logo is a horse. *Ferrari, 3. Koenigsegg is the name of a cool sports car. In which country is it built? *Sweden, 4. Who is the founder of Tesla? *Elon Musk, 5. Which brand? The logo has four rings. *Audi.

The QR codes for these five questions can be found here: quiz about cars

Play free science games

  • Let your kids play free science games for kids online. I have found this site with some easy games: Science Games For Kids.

Create music

  • Let your kids make their own music. This is really creative and fun. Here is a website with some links to different sites where you and your kids can create some music: Fun 2 think.

Do you have more ideas for experiments that can be done at home? Just leave a comment below and share it!

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