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Summer camps 2018 for kids

Do you want to ignite your kid’s passion for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)? Are you looking for some inspirational, educational and online summer camps for your kids between 8-13 this summer? If yes, then I think this is for you. This post is about summer camps that aim to help kids to improve their skills in problem-solving, teamwork and collaboration, planning and being part of a community.

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Check out the online summer camps in Minecraft at

Facts about Connected Camps summer camps 2018

  • 3 different summer camps available: Adventure camp, creative camp and survival camp (all 3 are also offered as girls only camps)
  • For kids between ages 8-13
  • Online, all from the comfort of home
  • Training led by experienced counselors
  • Language: English
  • 90 minutes each day for 5 days (=7.5 hours in total)
  • Lessons start at 7:00 a.m. Pacific Time
  • First 5-day session of summer camp 2018 start: June 25th
  • Last 5-day session of summer camp 2018 start: August 13th
  • $69 for each 5-day camp session
  • A Minecraft account is also needed, which you’ll need to purchase separately at “Minecraft” is a trademark of Mojang AB.
  • View the full schedule here.

Technical details for online camp sessions

  • PC or Mac version of Minecraft (no tablets or phones)
  • A working microphone, so your child can utilize the audio chat feature in camps
  • All camps are run online in Connected Camps Minecraft servers

Connected Camps offers week-long coed and girls-only online camps for kids 8 to 13 years old. All the Connected Camps programs are taught by experienced counselors. Kids are connected to an inspiring online community of coders, builders, designers, and engineers this summer, all from the comfort of home.

More about the game used in the camps

Minecraft is one of the top-selling PC games of all time — over 100 million people have registered worldwide. My own kids love to play the game mainly in the creative mode. The players are offered limitless opportunity to build, discover and problem-solve in so many ways. They travel through vast landscapes of mountains, forests, caves and various water bodies. The characters construct homes and objects by breaking and pacing textured cubes in a 3D world while hunting, sailing and farming. I think it is a fascinating digital world with infinite possibilities to be creative.

Check out the online summer camps in Minecraft at

How is a Minecraft course different from just playing the game at home?

In recent years I think Minecraft has been acknowledged by many as an engaging educational tool in STEM fields such as coding, video game design and development and more. I think one of the main benefits of the game is that kids learn how to think critically about their work with the infinite possibilities of the game. The players are able to create themes, storylines, dialogue between characters, objectives, goals, and if they wish, delve deeper into game design & development, modding, and level design.
The difference between joining a course and just playing the game at home is that kids are connected to an inspiring online community of coders, builders, designers and engineers who will offer support and tips. I believe kids will learn a lot faster, which in return will enable even more options to be explored.


For kids who want to improve their skills in problem-solving, teamwork and collaboration, planning and being part of a community, I think the summer camps is an excellent option to either get started or to gain more knowledge. I am convinced that kids will have a lot of fun and a great time while they’re learning. A win-win deal!

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What do you think about online summer camps?

I would love to hear what you think. Just leave a comment below and I will get back to you!





I think your website is visually pleasing. It is full of information and fun to read.

I like the way you didn’t use a menu at the top. I’m just a beginner and trying to learn things you have mastered.

Highly professional looking site. Best of luck.

I think the idea of the online game summer camp is a good idea for those with young children. I think the structure of the camps is well defined. I also think your content is written well enough to convince those with children to consider the camps.

I admire the appearance of this site and the incorporation of the bullet list of benefits It’s easy to read and convincing. Having no children, I know nothing about whether children should play it. I have never seen the game.


Hello Marika, thank you for this information on Summer Camps. My grandson is almost to the age where he can go to one. He would LOVE it! I had no idea “online” summer camps existed. I will share this with my daughter, great post!

This is a great idea. I have a pre teen that loves Mine Craft. He has been to one day local STEM camps before. When he gets home from school today, I will run this idea by him.
Thanks for the information.

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