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STEM in Action® Coding Mouse Exploration Review: How kids can learn the value of re-thinking and support multiple solutions

Both of my kids are very fond of remote-controlled toys, robots and they also love animals. Therefore, I got very excited when I found this Coding Mouse project. I wanted to make a review of it and here it is. I strongly believe that educational toys are the best!

You and your kids get a lot of value out of them in so many ways. I think the best way to learn is when you can combine theory with practical training without even knowing it, and this toy seems to offer it.

And the most important part of it – I am convinced that they will have FUN!

Disclaimer: The kit comes with a price tag, therefore I have not been able to purchase the product myself yet. I have read what is presented on the ETA Hand2minds home page and searched the internet for additional information about the product.

A quick introduction to the STEM in Action Coding Mouse Exploration – $299.00
from: ETA hand2mind

Note: This Review is commercial for ETA Hand2mind and contains affiliate links.

According to the ETA Hand2minds web page, kids will be able to explore the basic needs of animals as they design a code for a programmable mouse. This is an excellent way for kids to demonstrate their knowledge of everything a mouse needs to survive.

So, what do your kids know about what a mouse needs to survive? Put them to the test. 😉

OK, that sounds like it could be fun. 🙂

STEM in Action Coding Mouse Exploration

The Coding Mouse Exploration package includes

  • 1 Coding Mouse Exploration Student Activity Book
  • 1 Coding Mouse Exploration Teacher (parent) Guide
  • 1 Mouse poster/game (So your kids can decorate the walls with it).
  • 3 Jack the Robot Mouse with Coding Cards and Activity Guide
  • 10 AAA alkaline batteries (Yey, it comes with batteries!!!)
  • 3 Sets of additional coding cards
  • 32 green grid squares for coding maze
  • 44 purple walls
  • 6 basic needs markers
  • 4 magnetic danger markers
  • 6 Mouse tokens

* Refills available. Contact ETA Hand2mind Customer Service or their Educational Consultant if refills are needed.

According to the information, the materials are all teacher/parent and student-friendly and all come in an easy to store box. That sounds great since then you will be able to keep things in order, and out of the way when the kids are not playing.

The Coding Mouse Exploration project is recommended for kids between the ages of 8-17 years.

The price is $299 at the time I write this post.

How does STEM in Action® Coding Mouse Exploration work?

Check out the ETA Hand2minds video on YouTube. It will take you approximately 40 seconds, and you will get the full picture. 🙂

ETA Hand2mind STEM in Action® modules state that this project integrates science, math, literacy, and engineering skills into real-world problems. That means this should be a great way to connect theory with practice!

The modules in this project focus on the Engineering Design Practice which is a critical component of Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), American state standards, and national initiatives.

My thoughts on the STEM in Action® Coding Mouse Exploration

I think the thing here is not really about “writing” the code, it is more about the process and what kids learn from it.

I think the most important and essential thing in the Engineering Design Process is to learn the value of re-thinking and to learn the great value of supporting multiple solutions. One solution is often not the only solution!

I also believe kids that learn to code will have a great benefit of it for life. I think they will mainly practice these three skills:

  1. Think creatively
  2. Work collaboratively
  3. Reason systematically

I have previously written a post about it: How to teach kids about coding and 3 reasons why. Check it out!

What do others think about STEM in Action® Coding Mouse Exploration?

Three people have all left 5 out of 5-star reviews on the ETA Hand2mind product page. That is really not that many comments, so I searched the web for more reviews.

I could not find more reviews for exactly this particular project, but I did find a similar smaller project with only one mouse. All the reviews that I could find are very positive (4,3 stars out of 5), and the customers state that they would recommend this to a friend. (See the reference here: STEM coding mouse).

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Pros and Cons

The good parts of this project are that it contains a student activity book and a teacher/parent guide.

The package is suitable for a lot of set-ups like classrooms, and all kinds of families with one or more kids.

One complaint I found in the review comments was that the mouse doesn’t always make a full 90-degree turn. It seems to depend on what surface it is used on. However, that seems like it can be easily solved with kids giving the mouse a quick nudge to help the mouse out.

The kit contains small parts, so don’t let small toddlers play with it unsupervised! Several persons that had left comments stated that they had played with the mouse project with their 2,5-year-old kids, and they were really surprised about how fast their kids got the hang of it.


If the STEM in Action® Coding Mouse Exploration is as good as it sounds and the people that have bought it seems to be very happy with it, then why not give it a try yourself.

I will definitely keep this product on my own wish list. I am confident my kids would love it if I bought it. I am thinking of starting with a smaller kit, but I know that sometimes it is better to go all-in from start.

Where to Buy STEM in Action® Coding Mouse Exploration

You are able to buy the STEM in Action Coding Mouse Exploration
from ETA hand2mind by following my affiliate link here, or continue out on the web and search for similar products yourself.

Do you have any thoughts about this product? I would love to hear about it, so just leave a comment below and I will get back to you!


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