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Science Youtube Channels for Kids: 5 recommended

I am always trying to find different ways to present science to my kids since I really want them to become interested in this field. I think it can offer so many different things for them in life, even if they don’t end up working with science or engineering as adults. Sometimes we do experiments, read books, build with construction kits, visit science centers, take hikes outdoors, or search Youtube for new ideas.

I can’t tell if these five that I have listed below are the best science Youtube channels for kids since I have not looked through them all yet. But, from what I have seen so far, they all seem to be good.

These are channels that are all in English, even though a couple of them are from India. My own kids are 8 and 5 years old, at the time being when I write this post, and they have not learned English yet. Therefore, I have not “tested” to see how interesting they think these Youtube channels are.

If your kids (who know English) are in front of the screen, why not let them combine entertainment with learning by exploring these 5 Science Youtube channels for kids:

Crash Course Kids


Who: The host is Sabrina Cruz. The USA.

What: 5th-grade science – Earth Science, Physical Science, Biology, Geography, Engineering, and Astronomy.

Why: Crash Course creates free, high-quality educational videos used by teachers and learners of all kinds.

When: Channel was registered 8th of September 2014 on Youtube.

Popularity: 204 661 subscribers (checked 15th of January 2018).

Information: There a lot of great videos on this channel, but it seems like they have stopped creating new content. The last video was uploaded a year ago in 2017. But, they have another channel which seems to be updated regularly:

Sci Show Kids


Who: Host is Jessi Knudsen Castañeda. USA.

What: Videos about science. News, history, particle physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, you name it.

When: Channel was registered 10th of July 2014 on Youtube.

Popularity: 128 894 subscribers (checked 15th of January 2018)

Information: SciShow is a family of YouTube channels (including SciShowSciShow SpaceSciShow Psych, and SciShow Kids). Their goal is to capture the awesomeness of this bizarre universe and make it easy for everyone to understand and enjoy.

SciShow Kids explores all those curious topics that make us ask “why?” Every Tuesday and Thursday, Jessi and her robot rat Squeaks answer your questions and explain fun, complex science concepts for young, curious minds.

Whether conducting experiments, researching new questions, or talking with experts, there’s always something new to discover with SciShow Kids, no matter what your age!



Who: Dr. Binocs, Written by Sreejoni Nag, Voice of Dr.Binocs – Joseph D’Souza. India.

What: Videos specially designed for kids as they explore the World of Classic English songs, Phonics Songs, Lullabies, Kids Educational Videos, and more!

When: Channel was registered 6th of June 2014 on Youtube.

Popularity: 130 977 subscribers (checked 16th of January 2018).

Information: Peekaboo is a cheerful destination with colorful animation for all the Happy Babies of the world!

Smart Learning For All


Who: Vocalbug Communications Pvt. Ltd. India.

What: Animated Educational videos for people of all ages.

When: Channel was registered 24th of November 2014

Popularity: 340 511 subscribers (checked 16th of January 2018).

Information: “Smart Learning for All” is a place where you will find Animated Educational videos for people of all ages.

Kids Learning Tube


Who: “one-person show and a stay-at-home dad” (I could not find any better personal info about him on any of his about pages) (USA?)

What: Educational, music videos for kids, and adults.

When: Channel was registered on 26th of January 2015.

Popularity: 193 537 subscribers (checked 16th of January 2018).

Information: Kids Learning Tube educates both kids and adults through music and animation in a fun and unique approach to learning. The aim is to help the young minds of tomorrow learn and retain information about everything with catchy songs and fun music videos.

Science Youtube Channels for Kids

Since I am always trying to find different ways to present science to my kids, I think social media can be very useful as one of many sources.

As I mentioned in the beginning, I can’t tell if these five that I have listed here are the best science Youtube channels for kids. I have not looked through them all yet, but according to what I have seen so far, they all seem to be good. Also, my own kids prefer to view videos in Swedish. There are science channels for kids available in Swedish too, like Tekniska Tuben as one example.

Let me know if you recommend any other existing channels that present science for kids in fun ways, just leave a comment below!


Oh how fun! I guess I didn’t realize these types of shows were really even available on YouTube. We home school, so this is valuable information for me. Thank you so much for taking the time to share it with us!

Hi Marika, this is very interesting. Being a dad of two toddlers, I’ve always wanted to introduce my babies early in science too. This article is amazing. You just made me and my wife’s life easy =) So aside from the usual Disney Junior stuff we’ve exposed them, we can now have a new favorite channel. It will be fun and at the same time, very educational =) Thanks again =)

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