Milk and vinegar experiment: easy, fascinating, and smelly

Introduce a fun science experiment for your kids. Do you know what will happen if you mix milk and vinegar? This one is really easy, fascinating, and smelly to do, and the ingredients do not cost so much. It does only take a couple of minutes if you don’t count the days it needs to dry. Best of all, you only use all-natural ingredients, 100% free from unhealthy chemicals.

Your kids will definitely have a lot of fun!

My kids just loved this science experiment. I hope yours will too!

Here follows my step by step instruction:

Step 1: Heat up one cup of milk in the microwave oven for 1-1,5 minutes. You want the milk to be warm, not boiling.

Step 2: Stir in 4 tablespoons of vinegar.

Step 3: The milk will start to clump as the acid in the vinegar breaks down the protein in the milk. Stir for about 1 minute.

Step 4: Strain the milk through a strainer. Really push on the clumps to get all the liquid out.

Step 5: Transfer the clump to some paper towels.

Step 6: Continue to press all the liquid out of the plastic milk. Try to get plastic milk as dry as possible.

Step 7: Form the plastic milk in any form you want. We chose to do a heart with a cookie cutter. You can also color it with a few drops of food coloring if you wish. We chose to leave it white.

Step 8: Let it dry for a couple of days. I guess it will smell vinegar forever, even when it has dried. Now the heart is ready to be hung up in a window, on a door, or used to decorate a Christmas tree! Just use your imagination.

Have you tried this science experiment with your kids? Let me know what you think, just leave a comment below!

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Hi Marika, great article! My kids love science experiments and I’m sure they’d enjoy this one too! I never knew milk and vinegar could react that way, very interesting. Is there any risk if a child were to eat or consume any of this mixture after it dries? Thanks!

Hi Will! Thank you. If your kids can eat food that contain milk or vinegar without an allergic reaction, I don’t think there is a big risk if they happen to consume it. It will not taste good, and the dried mixture is quite hard when it dries. I wouldn’t give it to a toddler though, since there is a risk it could get stuck in their throat.

Great step by step walk through and it’s great to see a young child going through this. It gives me ideas about including my children and giving them room to do more, without me trying to take over.


Now that is pure genius! I will definitely try it out and see how it turns out. I’d need to make at 100 to make the wait worth while. Perhaps I can sell them on haha.

Where did you get the idea for this? So original and one I must do with my son before he gets too old for all this.

So, warm milk for about 1 min.

Add 4 drops of vinegar and stir for one min.

Strain and squeeze excess.

Leave to dry for several days.

Flog down the local flee market – GOT IT!

Thank you once again for this amazing milk and vinegar experiment.



Very cool. I have grandchildren from age 5 to 10. I think one of them will be fascinated by this. When they come over to visit they sometimes get tired of the same things. I will turn them on to this. You should keep posting these ideas regularly. I did not know anything about this.

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