Hack n’ Play event for kids

Today my eight-year-old son participated in a two-hour event that was organized at a science center, Universeum, here in our hometown Gothenburg in Sweden. The event was for kids between the age of 7-12 years and the purpose of it was to let them play with programming, robots, and technology.

If you ever travel here, I recommend you to visit this science center.


Why did I sign up my son for this event? Well, first of all, I think I need to do things myself that I recommend others to do. 🙂 I have written posts here on my site about how I think we as parents can help our kids to discover technology and science.

Signing up for the event

One evening when I was scrolling through my Facebook flow, one post got my attention. It was from a company called Vink Hack n’ Play and they planned to have a tech event 16th of September for young kids at the science center Universeum. I instantly signed up my son and he was one of the lucky ones to get a seat.

Summary of the Hack n’ play event

My son simply loved it. The kids were split up into teams with eight persons in each group. They got a kit from and then they could start to build their first robot. 

The first robot moves

My son’s team finally got the robot to move. And the next step was of course to control how fast it moved. To be able to control it the kids switched tables and were sat down in front of a computer and a coding interface from There the programming was done completely in visual mode. The kids just dragged and dropped a few nodes, connected them, and pressed upload. It was really easy.


To see the happy face on my son was definitely worth it. I learned a lot too just by watching what the kids did, like that it is possible to build a robot with strawbees connected to some electronics.

I will absolutely lookout for more events like this. I think this event was excellent both for me as a parent and for my son.


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