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Future dream jobs for kids – Engineers are cool

What is your kids’ dream job? I think a lot of kids have the “classic” dream professions. It is quite easy to imagine how it would be to work as a policeman, fireman, doctor, teacher, pilot, and so on. Some kids might want to become a race car driver or an astronaut. All mentioned professions are in my mind very visual and easy to understand what it means to be one. But, how about an engineer? What do you think an engineer does?

Future dream jobs

Have you ever heard of a kid who wants to become an engineer? If you have, my guess is, it is because you or someone you know is an engineer, and you have discussed what you work with, together with your kids. If not, I think it is because it is hard to get a clear picture of what it means to be an engineer, because it can differ so much. Some might think you must be an “Einstein” or a real nerdy to be interested in science. Is that true? No, of course not. I think the most important attribute to have is the curiosity to learn. The field of science is almost limitless. So what does an engineer do?

Check out this video below, that I found on Youtube. It covers many fields in three minutes. 🙂

Jobs in the future

When my son was 7 years old he asked me: “Mom, are there any jobs where you sit and play video games?” You wouldn’t believe the size of his eyes when I told him: “Yes, there is”. My son is now 8 years old and that is his dream job right now. He absolutely loves to play video games. I will do my best to show him what kind of education you need to have for that kind of work and then hopefully get him even more interested in science. If he will become a professional video game player or an engineer, only the future can tell.

New career pathways

Imagine being able to do what you love all day and get paid for it. I think a lot of future dream jobs can be found within engineering. The field of science is very broad, and what kind of jobs there are, are only limited by our imagination. I believe we have a future ahead of us with a lot of new job titles and career pathways that we never ever heard of before.

So, what is your kids’ dream job? I would love to hear about it. Just leave a comment below!


When I was a kid I wanted to be an engineer. Specifically an automotive design engineer. Looking back I understood why.
Engineering is a cool profession because you get to build something by design. All engineers are designers, architecture is also close. The design is the structure. And there is a fascination in envisioning a structure, and to see that structure come to form.
I eventually became a musician. But even in music, I found that I came at it from an engineer’s perspective. I started with piano, and then got into music production, ending up being fascinated in… sound engineering! Lol.
Again, it’s the fascination with how the internal structure of something works, design it from the fundamental parts up. And for music, it was initially theory, then some science of sound, and then sound design and editing.
I definitely think engineering is a cool profession. To be an engineer is to have the keys that opens the doors behind reality.

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