Easy Science Experiments For Kids: Sky lantern

Here follow my instructions for the sky lantern experiment. This is an experiment that will have the best effect when it’s dark in the evening when the weather is good (no rain) and the wind is basically still. Make sure to have a long enough distance to the closest building. Adult supervision is a must!

Remember to start the experiment with a hypothesis, what do you think will happen?

Instructions for parents: Read this first.

Material included:

  • One sky lantern kit

Additional things you will need:

  • A lighter


  1. Follow the instructions on the sky lantern kit.
  2. Lit the stiff collar that serves to suspend the fire.
  3. What happens?


When the stiff collar burns, it warms up the surrounding air. Hot air weighs less than cold air, and therefore it rises slowly when the hot air is collected in the balloon. This is just the same principle as to how a hot air balloon works.

It is also possible to use helium gas – it weighs less than normal air (it has a lower density) and therefore the balloon will float.

Sky lantern

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