Easy Science Experiments For Kids: Make simple slime

Here follow my instructions to make a simple slime experiment. I have cheated a little, by buying a make-your-own-slime-kit in the store. That is not a must though, it is quite easy to make your own slime with stuff you will likely find in your home, like hobby glue (Elmer’s glue), shaving foam and lens solution.

Remember to start the experiment with a hypothesis, what do you think will happen?

Instructions for parents: Read this first.

Material included:

  • A make your own slime-kit with polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and Borax.

Additional things you will need:

  • A glass.


  1. Read and follow the slime-kit instructions.
  2. The longer time the slime gets to mix together, the better it will be. If you want more slimy constancy, then add some water.
  3. Keep the slime in a plastic bag so it lasts a long time.


The polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is a long molecular chain. Borax reacts with the PVA so that they are connected to giant molecules. It gives the slimy its tough, viscous properties.

Safety first:

As with any work with chemicals, it is good to wash your hands every time, even though these materials are sold as a toy. Washing of benches and clothes can be done with water. The gel is harmless, but must never be eaten or left in such a way that others can be tempted to do so.

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