Easy Science Experiments For Kids: A Cola Fountain

Here follow my instructions for the cola fountain experiment. A bottle of cola is full of carbonic acid in bubbles which tickle in the nose when you drink the soda. Do you know what would happen if all bubbles burst at the same time?

Remember to start the experiment with a hypothesis, what do you think will happen?

Instructions for parents: Read this first.

Material included:

  • A bottle of cola
  • Mentos tablets (candy)

Additional things you will need:

  • Cleaning equipment


  1. Find a place that is easy to clean, i.e. outdoors or the shower.
  2. Open the cola bottle cap
  3. Put the mentos tablets in the bottle – try to get them all in at once. The more tablets you manage to put in, the more intense reaction you will get.
  4. Take a step back.
  5. What happens?


When making soda, carbon dioxide is added to the beverage (just like you do with a Soda Streamer). Due to the overpressure, the carbon dioxide should be discharged as gas bubbles, but they don’t. The bubbles need help. When the Mentos tablets drop into the cola, they help microscopically small bubbles to form. Once formed, they continue to grow on their own. It is the powerful gas formation that causes the soda to spray like a fountain.

To see others do the experiment look at this video:

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