Hack n’ Play event for kids

Today my eight year old son participated in an two hour event that was organized at a science center, Universeum, here in our hometown Gothenburg in Sweden. If you ever travel here, I recommend you to pay this science center a visit. The event was for kids between the age of 7-12 years and the […]

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Future dream jobs for kids – Engineers are cool

What is your kids dream job? I think a lot of kids have the “classic” dream professions. It is quite easy to imagine how it would be to work as a policeman, fireman, doctor, teacher, pilot and so on. Some kids might want to become a race car driver or an astrounaut. All mentioned professions are […]

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How to teach kids about coding and 3 reasons why to do it

I was one of the lucky ones in the 80’s to have access to a computer, a Commondore 64. It belonged to my older brother, and as soon as he wasn’t at home, I had my hands on it. My brother subscribed to a computer magazine, where they always published code for some small programs, […]

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Wireless technology

Wireless technology is something that we all get in contact with dayly. The kids that grow up today will find it totally normal and I don’t think they can even imagine a life without it. It has made a lot of things easier, like reading and learning about new stuff around the globe via the […]

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