Month: November 2017

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Lego Technic 42053 Volvo EW160E Review: How to learn by creative play

One of the reasons I purchased Technic Lego® for my kids to my kids is that there is a bigger challenge for them to finish the complete build of the different sets, compared to the original build sets. I also think that the fun part is the reproduction of the advanced, realistic technical functions of […]

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What is an engineer for an 8-year-old?

The topic “professions” is what my son is working on in school right now. He is eight years old and is in second grade. The kids learn a little about all classical professions like teachers, doctors, pilots, cleaners, and so on. During the last meeting they held for us parents, my son’s teacher mentioned that […]

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Get your kids exploring science with comics

Do your kids enjoy reading comics? My son, who is old enough to know how to read loves it. He was totally overwhelmed the other day when he got a big pile of comics to read. Too bad that pile did not contain comics and still cartoons about science. I think comics and still, cartoons can […]

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